Our Team

Tony & Lindsey Costa
Senior Pastors

Tony and Lindsey pastor Revive the World Ministries. Their authentic love for people in ministry and in daily life, allows them to truly reveal Jesus inside and outside the church walls. Tony has a powerful testimony from broken to whole because of God’s grace, healing, forgiveness, and love. Lindsey lives for relationship and family through love, power, and intimacy with the Father.

Sarah Webster
Worship Pastor

Sarah remains in constant awe of the overwhelming pursuit of God’s love towards us, his kids. Sarah loves and feels honored to lead people into an encounter with this love through worship and teaching; her hope is to see the freedom of heaven alive in the church and that all of his children would know how loved they truly are: which, she believes are the steps to a powerful life full of joy.

Aaron & Alex Jacobs
Outreach & Childrens Pastors

Aaron and Alex have a passion to share the Gospel through the demonstration of love and power. Aaron loves to go out and preach the Gospel and share who Jesus Christ is with all people. Alex is passionate about raising up the next generation to live and operate with and through the gifts of the Holy Spirit being a natural part of their life. Together, Aaron and Alex live from radical faith and live for worshipping Jesus.